5 Days Until Halloween

Not everybody is interested in the cute aspects of Halloween. For many, the best part about this holiday is the creep factor, and they revel in the ability to be scary. For these people, Tom Nardone has written Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again.

Nardone includes all sorts of crafts, recipes, and activities to put a spooky touch on your Halloween festivities. Most ideas are divided into two group: ideas for your yard, and ideas for your party. You know those neighbors who have a ghoulish setup in their front yard? It looks like somebody is digging themselves out of the dirt, or they have a ghost that ziplines past when you walk by? This book shows you how to do that sort of thing. There are also some examples of those funny epitaphs to put on fake headstones. My favorite: Barry M. Deep. He’ll rise again / when you’re asleep. Plus, Nardone gives step-by-step instructions on how to build a cheap wooden coffin, only for somebody to jump out and make some trick or treaters soil their costumes.

As for the party section, there are some fun ideas there too. I especially appreciate the section on “Funny Costumes You Already Own.” These include things like a farmer, plumber, ghost, or lunch lady, all from items already in your closet. There are no excuses for going to a Halloween party without a costume! He also gives recommendations on how to transform your most important room in the house: the bathroom. I always tend to think of the shower scene from Psycho to demonstrate the power of a frightening lavatory. Why not make a silhouette in the shower to remind your guests of the scene as well?

One recipe I really want to try making is the Bloody Brain Shots. These look absolutely disgusting, like blood on the bottom, formaldehyde in the center, and brain floating on top. The ingredients sound great though: peach schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and grenadine! Another recipe that looks dreadful, but is probably tasty is the Roasted Human Being. This involves assembling a whole bunch of different cuts of roasted meat to resemble a burned human form. Looks gross, but would feed a whole party!

While slim, Extreme Halloween has plenty of ideas to get your creativity flowing, and to up your gory factor this year.

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