Review Policy

Thank you for stopping by Bibliosaurus Text.  At this time, I am not accepting books for review unless them appear on my desiderata list.  I also do not currently accept self-published books.

Please do not contact me to review your book until you check if it is on my Goodreads “to-read” shelf. I will delete any emails that have an e-book attachment.

Genres I generally read are:
YA fiction
Adult fiction
Fantasy (although I try to stay away from high fantasy)
Paranormal/supernatural themed
Books having to do with conspiracy theory, cryptozoology, ghosts, the occult, and other fringe subjects

I generally will not review:
Genre romance
Inspirational/religious books
Very young children’s book such as easy readers
High sci-fi
Series that are out of order (ex. I will not review book 3 unless I have already read books 1 and 2)

I don’t have a set format for my reviews, and they always reflect my personal opinion of the books I read. I cannot guarantee a positive review, as the review will reflect my honest reaction to and feelings about the book. I do, however, always strive to be respectful of the author and will not post unprofessionally negative comments. If a book is received, I will do my best to review it in a timely manner, but cannot always guarantee a review, especially if the book turns out to be a bad fit for me.

I post reviews to my GoodReads account, and if asked, can post to other sites such as Amazon.

Please contact me with any questions you have regarding my review policy:


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